About Justin Wells

Justin Wells is a music producer, and arranger/orchestrator located in Houston, TX. He was a student of music theory and arranging at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA where he is currently pursuing a degree in Music Production from Berklee.

Justin has produced and arranged music for some of the largest publishing houses in the Christian Music industry, but he is now working toward producing music in other genres.

Justin is a pianist and keyboardist as well as an experienced Musical Director. His ability to build relationships with musicians and session players and lead them into excellence is well sought after in the south.


Things that help you along the way


As arranger I take the demo and transcribe the melody, lyrics, and chords. I take the vision of the artist and I begin to shape the architectural structure of the piece, determining form, key structure, tempo and overall feel and style of the tune.
An arranger determines the overall “attitude and atmosphere” of the tune and finalizes the vocal and rhythm parts.   The arrangement is considered complete when the entire song, melody, lyrics, and chords have been touched by the arranger. Final adjustments are made to execute the clients vision and make sure their full emotion can come from the song.


When the song calls for something out of the ordinary, consider orchestration. Orchestration can be as simple as “String Sweetening” or adding a full score of instruments to enhance the song.
Orchestration adds a new and fresh level of color to your song.  An orchestral score is created, using all the colors available from an orchestra and ties the song together with beauty and class.

Music Producer

I’m a student of Music Production from Berklee College of Music. As a producer I oversee all aspects of the production and hand back to the client a musical product that meets or exceeds their expectation. My goal is to push the artist beyond their limits, and discover things they didn't know was there.
As the producer I take your project, create a budget, assign personnel, book studio time and execute the recording of your project.  I implement your wishes into each song and take, and not moving ahead until your approval is met.  A producer takes a role early in the creative process and see’s it all the way to completion.



I’m a student of mixing.  Finishing up my degree in Music Production from Berklee College of Music, I’ve dabbled in mixing.  It’s become an interest over the last few months.   I’m learning and developing my craft daily.  If you have a song or songs you want me to mix, please contact me. I would love to work with you and help you, and me grow along the way.

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